Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service (RIBS) Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service (RIBS)

Remove Broadcasting at Wujal Wujal Address: Hartwig Street Wujal Wujal, QLD, 4895

Phone: (07) 4060 8049

Trading Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8.00am - 5.00pm 
Friday: 8.00am - 12pm 

RIBS will possibly become one of the most important communication tools for isolated remote indigenous communities. Today’s technology has allowed us to access tools and applications mainstream media have enjoyed for many years.

Participants are trained in radio skills and developing appropriate radio program materials, access to broadcasting services and support.

Emphasis is on broadcasting development within community by way of production of appropriate radio and other media material.

Wujal Wujal RIBS will soon be networked with other RIBS in Far North Queensland and national networks to broadcast relevant culturally specific material. Please visit the following link to the Queensland Remote Media Aboriginal Corporation. QRAM

The broadcasting activity allows students to study cert 3 through to cert 4 remote broadcasting. This network is vital to Cape York communities as a communication tool. The students can stay in touch with other students studying the same units in other communities. It also provides students with a skill they can use to gain employment in the mainstream. The training consists of on - line training as well as some training to be conducted in Brisbane at a radio station so they are exposed to the operations of a mainstream out fit. Participants are trained in radio skills and developing appropriate radio program materials.

Access to appropriate broadcasting services and support broadcasting development within community.