Education in Wujal Wujal Education in Wujal Wujal

Wujal Wujal has two educational options. These are:

Bloomfield River State School

Bloomfield State Primary School is located 8kms from the Shire  - for more information visit the Education Queensland website.

Contact information

Address: 3202 Rossville Bloomfield Road Bloomfield, QLD, 4895

Phone: (07) 4060 8134

Facsimile: (07) 4060 8180


Wujal Wujal Community Kindergarten

Wujal Wujal Kindergarten is located behind the Community Sports Hall within the Shire.

Address: 53 Lois Street Wujal Wujal, QLD, 4871

Phone: (07) 4060 8289


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Bloomfield River State School - Phone:(07) 4060 8134

Bloomfield State Primary School which is located 8kms from the Shire.

C&K Wujal Wujal Community Kindergarten - Phone:07 4060 8289

Wujal Wujal kindergarten is located 8kms from the Shire.

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