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Cape Tribulation's FerntreeTours are from Cape Tribulation's Ferntree and Coconut Lodge Resorts and are reasonably priced for the wealth of information gained and for the experience of visiting such an exceptional area of natural beauty.

In 2003 the Walker family, one of the family groups of the Kuku Yalanji people, commenced their rainforest tours on their traditional country at Thompson Creek, 6 km south of Wujal Wujal. Guided walks to the Bloomfield Falls have recently been added as another opportunity in their business.

Tourists have the opportunity to spend time with the Walker family, be guided through the rainforest, part of the beautiful World Heritage Rainforest Area and learn about its cultural and traditional significance.  As their tour attracts business from the Bloomfield area, mainly the Bloomfield Wilderness Lodge, the guests come by boat to their Landing Site on the Bloomfield River bank.

Other tourist activities and attractions include Meg Falls with sacred sites and storytelling, bird watching, river cruises, crocodile watching, scenic views and traditional arts and culture.

Alcohol Management Program

No alcohol is allowed in Wujal Wujal. Wujal Wujal is a dry community and is considered a restricted area. Penalties apply for having alcohol in Wujal Wujal- these penalties apply to all people residing in, travelling trough, visiting or working in the restricted area.

Drinking in public places is banned

It is an offence to attempt to bring alcohol into the restricted area. Peoples homes are included in the restricted area. Roads are included in the restricted area- It is anticipated that the Bloomfield Track and car park will be included in the restricted area from 1st January, 2008. Police can search people, vehicles (cars, planes or boats) and houses- without warrant if they reasonably suspect that you have alcohol.

For further information contact Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council on (07) 4083 9100