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The community is administered by the Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council and is bounded to the north by the Cook Shire and to the south by Douglas Shire. The Council is responsible for essential services, infrastructure and housing and has a strong commitment to ensuring that all other services such as health, education, law and order, land management, employment and training are available and accessible to all members of the community. Each of the Councillors has portfolio responsibilities covering a number of areas.

Mayor Desmond Tayley


Elected 2016

Mayor Desmond Tayley commenced his term of office on 1 April 2016.  Mayor Tayley's portfolio is Governance & Finance, although he has the opportunity of chairing all internal Council reference committees. 


He is a member of the Far North Qld Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC), Far North Qld Regional Transport Group (FNQRTG), Internal Audit Committee, a member on the Board of the Remote Job and Communities Program (RJCP), Chairs the Local Disaster Management Group, Chairs the Technical Working Group meetings, Chairs the Bama Wujal Wujal Warra Advisory Committee, Chairs the Wujal Wujal Community Safety Committee and the Wujal Wujal Arts and Cultural Centre Policy Advisory Committee.


Mayor Desmond Tayley is a Traditonal Owner of Yalanji (Dawnvale and Wujal Wujal).

His personal interests is to focus on the communities wellbeing in different aspects to enhance the wellbeing of the people.


Hobbies:- camping, fishing, watching Rugby League, travelling in general, spending quality time with wife and children


Deputy Mayor Councillor Robert Bloomfield


Elected 2016

Cr. Robert Bloomfield commenced his term of office, 1 April 2016 and on same day was nominated Deputy Mayor.

Portfolio's yet TBA


Deputy Mayor Robert Bloomfield is a Traditional Owner of the Yalanji Tribe of Wujal Wujal.


Deputy Mayor Robert Bloomfield's personal interest are, Cricket, Australia Football League, Rugby League - Supporter of NSW.  Also, holds a Rugby League Coaching ticket and enjoys supporting the Wujal Wujal Youth to enhance their ability to achieve in this area.


Deputy Mayor Robert Bloomfield enjoys spending leisure time camping and fishing with his family.


Councillor Bradley Creek

Cr. Bradley Creek commenced his term of office on 1 April 2016.

 Portfolio TBA

Cr. Creek was born in Cairns, raised in Wujal Wujal and is a Traditional Owner of Jalunji which is near the mouth of the Bloomfield River and further up North to Mount Amos.  Also a Traditonal Owner of Ngungkal Clan which covers the area of Shipton Flats through to Black Mountain. 

He attended the Bloomfield River State School and then Peace Lutheran in Cairns for 2 years before finishing up at Abergowrie College in 2002.

Cr. Creeks works for Jalbalbina  as a Team leader for the Ngungkal Ranger.

Cr. Bradley Creek's personal interest are the following:-

  • Rugby League - Supporter of Broncos. 
  • Plays in a Wujal Band called the Dalkan's as the Lead Guitarist for the last 10 years and
  • enjoys spending his leisure time with his family, fishing and camping

Councillor Vincent Tayley

Elected May 2012 and re-elected March 29 2016

Vincent Tayley

Portfolio's yet TBA

Cr. Tayley was born in Cairns and raised in Wujal Wujal however, he travelled to many places but always returned to his roots.  He is a Traditional Owner of Yalanji which covers the areas from Daintree to Anhem River Bridge near Cooktown. 

Cr.Tayley attended Bloomfield River State School  then was sent to boarding school at Woodley College in Herberton until grade 10 before transferring to Cooktown High School to finalise his education.

Cr. Tayley works for Jabalbina as a Ranger who are based in Ayton, 5km from Wujal Wujal.

Cr. Tayley suppports the Bulldogs from Melbourne however, here in Wujal Wujal he supports the local Yindili Rugby Team.

He loves camping, fishing and hunting for pippies, crabs, turtle and pigs including bush tucker with his family.


Councillor Reagan Kulka

Nominated March 2015 and re-elected 29 March 2016


Portfolio's yet TBA

Cr. Kulka was born in Cairns and has lived in Wujal Wujal all his life.

More updates of his profile TBA